from win32event import CreateMutex
from win32api import CloseHandle, GetLastError
from winerror import ERROR_ALREADY_EXISTS
class singleinstance:
""" Limits application to single instance """
def __init__(self):
self.mutexname = "testmutex_{D0E858DF-985E-4907-B7FB-8D732C3FC3B9}"
self.mutex = CreateMutex(None, False, self.mutexname)
self.lasterror = GetLastError()
def aleradyrunning(self):
return (self.lasterror == ERROR_ALREADY_EXISTS)
def __del__(self):
if self.mutex:
# sample usage:
from singleinstance import singleinstance
from sys import exit
# do this at beginnig of your application
myapp = singleinstance()
# check is another instance of same program running
if myapp.aleradyrunning():
print "Another instance of this program is already running"
# not running, safe to continue...
print "No another instance is running, can continue here"